Five Reasons To Choose A Tile Roof


If you need a new roof, consider clay tiles. A tile roof can last much longer than asphalt, and you still have a range of shingle colors and designs to choose from. 1. Weather Resistance Roof tiles are resistant to ice, snow, and rain. They can even withstand high winds and heavy hail with minimal to no damage. If a tile is damaged by the weather, it can easily be replaced without the need to replace the entire roof.

29 December 2020

4 Signs of Roof Damage That Could Indicate It's Time for a Roof Replacement


If your roof is several years old and toward the end of its expected life, it's important to watch for signs of damage so you can have your roof replaced before it leaks and causes water damage to your home. Here are four signs it's time for roofing services.  1. When Shingles Start Buckling or Curling When asphalt shingles curl or buckle, they're showing signs of sun or heat damage. This might happen when your shingles get old and lose granules.

2 December 2020

Slate Roofing Tiles To Replace Your Asphalt Shingles With Premium Materials


If you want to replace your asphalt shingles with premium materials, slate tile roofing is the perfect solution. These materials are durable, attractive, and long-lasting. But, you probably want to know more about the process of installing slate roofing. The following slate tile roofing information will help you prepare your home for the installation: Evaluate the Structure to Plan Improvements The installation of slate tiles requires work to be done to the structure of your home.

13 November 2020

Commercial Roofing Repair Needs You Cannot Ignore


The roof to your business is one of the most important parts of your building. If the roof is sound, then the rest of your building is well-protected. If your roof is in danger of water damage or collapse, the rest of your building is in danger. A commercial roofing repair specialist will be able to detect the areas of your roof that need repairs, especially following a storm or other disaster.

28 August 2020