3 Things A Roofing Contractor Advises On Before Roof Replacement


If you intend to replace your old roof soon, you probably don't want to make any mistakes because that will cost you money. After all, the cost of roof replacement is high, so the last thing you want is to increase your expenses unnecessarily. One way to ensure everything is done correctly is to work with a roofing contractor. This professional is experienced and skilled, so they know what needs to be done to avoid failures. 

When you hold a meeting with your roofer, they'll ask you to address several aspects before they start working. Some of them are outlined below.

1. Get a Suitable Roofing Material 

Your roofing contractor will ask about the roofing material you intend to use, so you should decide if you'll use the old material or get a new one? Familiarizing yourself with the common options will help you make an informed choice, even if you will ask your roofer to share their recommendations. Some common options include the different metal roofs, concrete or clay tiles, wood shingles, asphalt shingles, and slate. Remember that roofing technology has changed, so you have to know each of these materials' features and check out the available designs before making a choice. Make sure you consider factors like durability, local climatic conditions, aesthetics, and budget too.

2. Get the Roofing System Inspected

Since you intend to replace the entire roofing, it is crucial to allow your roofer to strip the old tiles, slate, or shingles away. This ensures other parts of the roofing system aren't damaged. Then, the roofer will need to perform a thorough inspection to determine whether the framing is still in good shape or needs to be replaced. If they find that some components like boards are damaged, they will replace them before installing the new roofing materials. The inspection will ensure the deck is functional and that shingles will lay properly on the surface.

3. Get the Paperwork and Read Carefully

Now that the roofing contractor knows your requirements and has accessed the scope of work, they will provide the paperwork. You are obligated to go through those documents to ensure they address all your requirements. Ensure it outlines how they'll do the job, the materials they will use, and the costs. Any issues will need to be fixed before you sign the paperwork.

Make sure the roofer you choose follows the building codes and acquires a proper permit before the project starts. They also need to have a document that shows the contractor's insurance company covers the project in case of any damages or accidents.

When you follow these simple but essential guidelines, your roof replacement project will run smoothly with the help of your roofing contractor.

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31 March 2021

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