Are You Better Off Repairing Or Replacing Your Roof?


There is no question that a leaky roof requires attention sooner than later. The question is whether you will need to replace your entire roof or if you can get by with a less expensive roof repair? The information below can help you to answer this question so that you can secure the roofing services that you truly need.

Determine The Extent Of The Damage

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your home's roof is determining the extent of the damage to your existing roof. If the problem is nothing more than a few missing or worn-out shingles that need to be replaced, a basic roof repair will likely get the job done quickly and with low out-of-pocket expenses. However, if the underlying structure of your roof has been damaged either as the result of old age or exposure to the elements, a full roof replacement may be necessary in order to repair this structural damage. A failure to repair the structural damage correctly could result in a weakened roof that is not able to withstand the test of time or severe weather. 

If you are not able to determine how severe the damage to your roof is through a basic visual inspection, you will want to leave this job up to the professionals since accessing a structurally damaged roof can be dangerous. 

Consider The Age Of Your Roof

The current age of your roof is another factor you will want to consider when deciding if you want to invest in a new roof or simply repair the one you have. If the life expectancy of your current roofing materials is between 10-12 years and your roof is already ten years old, choosing to replace your roof now may prove to be the more cost-effective option since you will need to replace your roof within the next couple of years anyway.

Consider The Previous Maintenance The Roof Received 

The life expectancy of your home's roof can vary dramatically based on not only the type of roofing materials that were used but also on how well your roof has been maintained over the years. If you recently purchased your home and are unsure of how well the previous owner took care of the roof, you may want to consider replacing the entire roof rather than repairing a smaller section. This can help you to avoid being caught in a cycle of frequent unexpected repairs resulting from years of possible neglect by the previous owner. 

On the other hand, if you have been keeping up with your necessary roof maintenance and repairs over the years, this type of responsible ownership can prolong the life of your roof and make less invasive roof repairs your better option. 

Contact a local roofer to learn more about roof repair and replacement.


15 March 2021

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