Five Reasons To Choose A Tile Roof


If you need a new roof, consider clay tiles. A tile roof can last much longer than asphalt, and you still have a range of shingle colors and designs to choose from.

1. Weather Resistance

Roof tiles are resistant to ice, snow, and rain. They can even withstand high winds and heavy hail with minimal to no damage. If a tile is damaged by the weather, it can easily be replaced without the need to replace the entire roof. For those that live in areas prone to wildfires, tile provides another layer of protection since the same weather-resistant qualities in the tiles also make them resistant to sparks and fire damage.

2. Minimal Maintenance

One of the best parts about a tile roof is that it only requires minimal maintenance. The tiles are typically glazed, so they resist stains and moss growth. They warm up nicely so that snow tends to slide right off, and they are smooth enough that they rarely collect debris. The main maintenance is periodic inspections so any loose or cracked tiles can be replaced. If you swap out wooden eaves for vinyl or aluminum, your entire roof will be low maintenance.

3. Environmentally Friendly

Roof tiles are typically made of concrete or clay. These are sustainable materials that cause very little environmental damage in the extraction of the material and production of the tile. You may even be able to find locally sourced tiles, which makes them even more eco-friendly. When and if you have the roof removed, the tiles can be ground down and reformed into new materials or used as a road base, so there is no waste.

4. Energy Efficient

Energy-efficient homes are better for the planet and they help keep your hard-earned cash in your wallet. The design of the tiles aids ventilation, so heat isn't as likely to get trapped in the attic and lead to high summer cooling costs. Yet, they are thick enough to provide some insulation which helps keep cold air out of the home in the winter, which lowers winter heating costs. Combined with a well-insulated attic, a tile roof can drastically lower your home's energy usage.

5. Pest Resistant

Certain pests can be a major problem on the roof in some areas. If you have raccoons in the neighborhood, for example, they can easily tear up asphalt shingles to gain access to the attic. Tiles are much too durable for a raccoon to break through. Squirrels are another problem on some roofs, where they will lift or tear at shingles. Tiles prevent animal pests from attacking the roof.

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29 December 2020

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