4 Signs of Roof Damage That Could Indicate It's Time for a Roof Replacement


If your roof is several years old and toward the end of its expected life, it's important to watch for signs of damage so you can have your roof replaced before it leaks and causes water damage to your home. Here are four signs it's time for roofing services. 

1. When Shingles Start Buckling or Curling

When asphalt shingles curl or buckle, they're showing signs of sun or heat damage. This might happen when your shingles get old and lose granules. With granules gone, there is nothing to protect the shingles from UV rays.

When you notice this kind of damage to the shingles, call a roofer to check your roof and give you an estimate for a replacement. If the damage is widespread, repairs probably won't be possible, and it's only a matter of time until the roof starts leaking.

Another thing you'll want the roofer to check is your attic ventilation. If ventilation is poor, the shingles get too hot, and the same type of damage can occur. You'll want attic ventilation improved if it needs it, or your new shingles might age prematurely.

2. When Shingles Crack and Fall Off

If you start noticing pieces of asphalt shingles in your gutters or on the ground around the house, that's a sign your roof is in serious trouble. It's possible the damage is isolated if the shingles were torn off by an animal or bird, but if the damage is spread over your roof, the roof will probably need to be replaced.

To keep damage from getting so bad before you notice it, make a habit of checking your roof regularly from the ground. Even glancing up at it as you pull in your driveway occasionally will help you spot damages so repairs or a replacement can be done before rain causes water damage to your attic.

3. When Your Shingles Have Circular Dents

Small dents on shingles that look like dark circles could be from hail strikes. If you notice the marks on your roof after a hailstorm, call a roofer to check the shingles. Your insurance company may pay for a new roof when there is widespread hail damage to asphalt roofing. You'll need to work with your insurance agent and roofer to have your roof replaced before it starts leaking if the roofing contractor thinks it's necessary.

4. When Moss Is Spreading On Your Roof

Moss doesn't always signal a need for a roof replacement, but it is a sign of possible roof damage. Moss thrives when it has moisture, so if you see moss on or under your shingles, that's a good sign there is moisture on your roof. Moisture could indicate shingles are leaking or that the deck is rotted.

Besides that, moss grows roots under shingles, and that can escalate water damage to your roof. At the very least, moss should be removed so the roofer can check for damage to your roof. When moisture is a problem, and your roof is old, it may be necessary to tear off the old roofing so the deck can be replaced with dry materials and a new roof put on.


2 December 2020

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