Going Solar? Great! Contact A Roofing Contractor


If you have decided to use solar power to generate electricity for even part of your home, you will be saving money and the environment.  You may have contacted a solar company to discuss how much power you need to generate, how many panels you will need, and what type of storage batteries to use for times when there is not enough sunlight. While this is a good start, before you go any further you are going to need to talk with a roofing contractor.

Inspect the Roof

Before having any solar work done to your home, you need to know the condition of your roof. A roofing contractor will inspect it to make sure it is strong enough to hold the weight of the solar panels. They will also make sure the roofing is intact so that the new panels will not create leaks. 

Fix Problems

If there are some loose shingles or flashing that needs replaced, the roofer will take care of these issues before the solar panels are installed. If the pitch of the roof needs adjusting, or you need to have a dormer installed so the panels catch the most sunlight, the roofer will do this for you as well. 

Meet with Solar Installers

It will be important for the roofers and the solar panel installers to meet and work together. This way, any problems can be taken care of as they arise instead of you having to wait. As the panels are installed, the roofer can be sure that they are properly sealed and not affecting the roof underneath. If any additional flashing or sealant is required, the roofers can provide this service while more panels are being installed. In addition, when these two professionals work together, the roofer will have a better understanding of what was done to the roof. This can be a big benefit if you have problems in the future.

Reinspect the Roof

Once all the solar panels are installed and the system is working, you should have the roofing contractors come to do another inspection on the roof. You would not want to have leaks or a sagging roof form because of the new panels. 

While you may be tempted to have the solar company take care of your roof while they do the installation, it will be in your best interest to have two separate companies doing the job. This way, each company can sort of watch over the other to make sure that everything is being done in the best way for your roof.


1 October 2018

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