Critters In Your Attic? Check The Base Of Your Roof Vent


If you find numerous squirrels, rats, or even birds living in your attic, you may check your gutters and siding for holes. But your roof vent may actually be the reason so many critters are living in your attic. The shingles around the base of your roof vent may be damaged. Here's how pests use your roof vent to enter your home and how you can repair the vent now.

How Can Roof Vents Allow Pests Into Your Home?

A roof vent is a small pipe that allows hazardous sewer odors to exit your home's plumbing system. The vent should have a perforated covering over the top of it that keeps pests out of your plumbing system. But if the shingles around the base of the vent are missing or damaged, pests can use it to enter your attic. 

The base of your vent should feature a thick layer of metal or rubber flashing around it to keep rain from flowing beneath your shingles. However, shingles and flashing can deteriorate from the elements or age, which allows moisture to penetrate the roof. 

You may be able to see your roof vent from the ground or with a pair of binoculars. If the flashing or shingles are in disrepair, they may appear lifted or torn. The structures may also be missing or lost. If your inspection reveals any of the conditions above, call a roofer.

How Do You Repair the Roof Vent and Shingles?

A roofer can use a ladder to access your roof to inspect the vent and shingles. A contractor will remove the shingles at the base of the vent to see if there are any holes or entry points in the roof. Rodents and other pests can slip under the loose shingles to access the attic. If any damage is noted in the roof's surface, a contractor can repair them. 

After a contractor replaces the damaged substructure, they'll replace the damaged shingles. In addition, a contractor will install new flashing around the vent's base as well as secure it with a collar or boot. A collar provides added protection against moisture and water damage. 

Once you have a newly-secured roof vent, go ahead and contact pest control to remove the rodents or birds from your attic. You also want to monitor your roof vent for future issues, such as loose flashing or missing shingles. 

If you have other concerns about your roof vent or how to repair it, contact home roofing services now.


15 September 2018

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