How To Prolong The Life Of Your Roof


A roof is an investment, since it is the main barrier between your home and weather damage. Taking care of your roof can help extend its life while also protecting your home's interior. The following are a few tasks you should do that will help prevent damage to your roofing.

Keep your gutters clean

Gutters may seem like a minor thing that would have little impact on a roof, but the opposite is true. Gutters ensure water drains off of a roof well and doesn't collect on the surface. This is especially important in winter, when failure to drain can lead to ice dams and roof leaks. Gutters full of leaves and debris can also trap moisture right against the eaves, which can cause wooden eaves to rot. Take the time to clean your gutters out at least twice a year to avoid any of these issues.

Perform regular inspections

Catching damage early allows you to fix small problems before they become major issues. When it comes to the roof, the most common type of damage is loose or broken shingles. These are easy to spot from the ground or from the top of the ladder—you shouldn't have to go on the roof itself to see damage. You should also check for curling and popped nails. Hail damage can also be obvious if you know what to look for. After a hail storm, check the shingles to see if they have smooth or shiny spots. If they do, then there is damage that needs repaired.

Replace old flashing

Flashing is the metal strips that secure the seams between different roof angles or around rooftop structures, like chimneys. Flashing often has a shorter lifespan than the shingles on your roof, particularly if you live in a windy area, since flashing can be pulled up and warped more easily than the shingles. Inspect your flashing monthly. A quick visual once-over will show you whether any flashing is pulled up, curling, or warped. If so, have it replaced before water leaks under the shingles at the seam and causes more damage.

Trim back your trees

Externally, the largest threat to your roof is nearby trees. Falling branches can puncture holes in the roof, while branches overhanging the roof can scrape off shingles in high winds. Even leaf and twig litter can collect on a roof and collect damaging moisture. Trim back branches so they don't overhang the roof, and you will have fewer problems to worry about.

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30 July 2018

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