A Guide To Roof Cleaning


Roof cleaning is definitely a service that is easy for most people to forget about. Many people don't really look closely at the roof, and never even notice problems unless they are severe. That is, many people never do anything to their roof unless their is damage that is visible from the ground, if their is moss growing on the shingles, or if the roof is actually leaking. But, if you are smart, you can have your roof cleaned by professionals and make sure that the colors look clean and new. If you just leave your roof alone, it will fade over time, and you will hardly notice the changes. Many concrete and clay tiles, for example, are very porous. So, the colors don't really fade, but the surface absorbs dirt, causing the tile door. So, if you adequately clean your tiles, The original color will come back.

Don't Clean Your Own Roof

Roof cleaning is definitely a job that should be handled by professionals. This isn't necessarily because the work is technical, it is just physically dangerous and requires special tools to work on a roof. If you don't have the right scaffolding or ladders to get up on your roof, you won't be able to conceivably clean the surface. Even more importantly, professional roof cleaners use special pressure washers with long hoses. So, the actual pressure washer is located on the ground, enabling the roof cleaner to negotiate your roof safely.

How Often?

Professional gutter service and roof cleaning is not the job that you need to regularly invest in. It isn't something you only need to worry about every few years. In fact, you might only need to clean your roof once a decade. In some climates, especially where it is moist, there is a greater risk of mold and moss growing on your roof shingles. Also, you will need to be more vigilant if parts are your roof are located under trees that have fallen leaves or sap.

Most importantly, the material of your roof shingles has the biggest impact on how often they will need to be cleaned. Glazed shingles, ceramic products, and other tiles that are non-porous don't get as dirty. But, raw wooden shingles, clay tiles, and porous concrete products can absorb a lot of dirt. Even for a large home, a roof cleaning will probably cost less than $1000.

Considering this is something you only need to invest in once every 10 years or so, it is definitely worth the investment.  


27 June 2018

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