3 Of The Best Roofing Materials


If you need to make structural repairs to the roof deck, it may also be a smart time to invest in a new roofing material. That is, if you are, you have to have a professional roofing contractor come to your house and remove parts of your roof to access and repair the deck, it might be the opportune time to install a brand new material that will modernize your roof. This article compares three of the most popular residential roofing materials.

1. Wood Shingles

Wooden shingles have been used in roofing for centuries for a number of reasons. The best reason to install wood is simply the way that it looks. There isn't really any other product that is as stylish real wood. In fact, many of the synthetic and ceramic products are made with manufactured wood finishes. So, to many, it makes sense to just install actual wood. Wooden shingles don't have the best lifespan, but they are at least very affordable. Even though it wood shingle roof might only last 30 to 50 years, it can be affordably replaced. Wood shingles also don't have the best insulation, so they are better in mild climates that aren't particularly wet.

2. Clay Tiles

If you do live in a mile climate that has a lot of rain, clay tiles are a great choice. Clay isn't the best insulator, but it is perfectly waterproof, and it can withstand moisture. Clay has been used all over the world on pretty much every type of roof because it is such a practical material. Clay is one of the most affordable natural stones on the market, and it has a modular design so it can be easily self-installed.

3. Slate

Slate is usually very dark in color, which makes it a poor choice for hot, sunny climates. However, slat is one of the most durable natural roofing stone available. A slate tile is cut directly from the Earth. This means that every piece of slate is unique. The slate has a natural, rough-hewn texture that can't be beaten. Slate is heavy, but it can last for hundreds of years without any special treatment. This means it is great for people who don't want to deal with long-term maintenance or upkeep.

All of these products can be great options, but you need to decide which is going to be the most practical for your particular home. To learn more, contact a roof replacement company near you. 


25 March 2018

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