Protecting Your New Replacement Windows After They're Installed


Replacement windows are windows that are installed either after your other windows were damaged, or because your old windows needed updating. Either way, you are going to want to do all you can to protect your new windows. If you live in a very rough neighborhood, it becomes even more important to protect your windows. Here are some options.

Bullet-Proof Glass Shields

The reality of living in a rough neighborhood is that you will have the occasional bullet flying. If those bullets, or stray bullet, heads for your new windows, your new windows are done for. You can buy bullet-proof glass shields to install in front of your new windows. That will protect your windows from bullet holes by making the bullets bounce off the bullet-proof glass shields.

Iron Bars

If some of your neighbors have iron bars on their windows, you can ask them where they got them. You could also ask the window installation technician, as they not only know where to get window bars, but also how to install them. If you buy the bars ahead of time, the window installation crew can install the bars for you (usually, for an extra charge).


Wood, or better still, steel shutters, are a good investment, too. These open and close freely, which would allow you to shut up the shutters and lock them in place when you are not home. The steel variety would deflect bullets and sustain damage better than the wood ones, but either way, your new windows would have greater protection against damage than just the windows alone. Consult with a steel roofing company in regards to the steel shutters. Wood shutters can be purchased from a home improvement store.

A Security System

Finally, if you are able to afford it, consider purchasing a whole-house security system. Not only will the video cameras catch who is doing the damage to your windows and home, but the system will also loudly alert everyone in the neighborhood to the fact that you have a security system in place. Every time vibrations or pressure are applied to a window, the alarm will sound, and, hopefully, scare off the person who is trying to break or damage your windows.

Additionally, if you wanted maximum protection on your replacement windows, you could do all of the above. It may seem like overkill, but then innocent things like a baseball would not damage your windows. People on your porch accidentally bumping into a window may set off the alarm, but the camera footage would prove that it was an accident. Click on links like this for more information.


9 February 2018

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