3 Things To Know About Working With Your Insurance Company To Fix Up Your Roof


Your homeowner's insurance company is not going to cover regular maintenance to your roof. However, if your roof is damaged in a storm, your homeowner's insurance company will help you pay to fix up your roof. If you suspect that your roof was damaged in a recent storm, you need to contact your insurance company and file a claim, find a roofing contractor, pay your deductible, and make sure your roofing contractor gets paid.

File A Claim

The first thing that you need to do is file a claim. Filing the initial claim should be a very straightforward and easy process. Many insurance companies now allow you to start claims online, so you can get the process rolling whenever you want. Once you file your claim online, your insurance company may call you with some follow-up questions. They are going to want to know when the storm occurred and what damage you can see, if any. Your insurance company does not expect you to be a roofing professional nor do they expect you to be able to explain in detail the damage that your roof sustained. They just need to get a general idea of the situation so they can send out a claims adjustor with the right experience.

Claims Adjustor

After you file a claim, a claims adjustor is going to come out to your home. They will inspect your roof to determine the extent that it was damaged. The claims adjustors are professionals who are trained in determining the extent of damage to your home and the cost it will take to repair the damage. Claim adjustors can always see all of the damage though, which is why they will work with the roofing contractor you select and make adjustments to your claim to make sure that you have the funds needed to pay to fix your roof.

Pay Your Deductible

More than likely you are going to need to pay your deductible; you will pay that deductible to your insurance company. Your deductible is based on how you have your homeowner's insurance set up. You are going to need to pay your deductible before your insurance company will give you the rest of the money to fix your roof.

Find A Roofing Contractor

Next, you are going to want to find a roofing contractor to work with. Companies like Complete Gutter Solutions are a great place to look for more information. Make sure that they are willing to work with your insurance company as well. Some insurance companies will cut the check to fix your roof directly to you, and others will pay the contractor that you select. Be sure to submit all estimates and bids to your insurance company for final approval to make sure that they will pay the remaining cost, beyond your deductible, for fixing your roof. 


19 January 2018

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