3 Signs That Your Roof Needs To Be Replaced


Have you recently purchased a home? Are you starting to suspect that the roof is older than you were told during the purchase negotiations? As a roof gets older, it becomes more and more likely that it will need to be replaced in the near future. Although a roof may last for decades, it is also possible for a roof to age prematurely and need to be replaced sooner than it would normally. In many cases, this isn't something that you discover until it's too late and your roof has already started leaking. But there are warning signs that can let you know that your roof is in danger. Some things you should look for include:

Sagging roof: If your roof isn't perfectly flat, this is a sure sign that there is something amiss. There may have been a leak in the past that was partially patched or there may be a small leak in progress that simply hasn't made it into your actual home yet. A sagging section is also often a sign of dry rot, something that can require a complete roof replacement around the sagging section. The longer that dry rot is allowed to spread, the more expensive it will be to fix.

Large attic space: Having a large and spacious attic may be a sign that you need a roof replacement. When a home is built, the roof includes various rafters, beams, and joists that have been carefully calculated to bear the weight of the roof. When a home is built in an area that receives snow, the roof may be even more reinforced. Unfortunately, careless or ignorant homeowners may remove some of this roofing structure in order to have more storage or living space. If you suspect that a previous homeowner has done this to your home, you should get a professional inspection as soon as possible in order to be sure that your roof isn't about to collapse.

Uneven shingles: This one may be the most obvious or the most subtle, but not everyone thinks to check their roof on a regular basis for shingles that are missing or are otherwise out of place. Shingles that are anything other than perfectly even and flat are a sign that you should start making arrangements to have a roof replacement performed. If caught early enough, you may be able to postpone a complete replacement for a while by only having the damaged section replaced.


9 January 2018

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