Wooden Shingles Vs. Asphalt Tiles


Roof replacement is the type of home remodel that homeowners have to save years for. Even though it is very costly project, is one that is often well worth it. Adding a different roofing material on top of your deck is going to have so many positive impacts for your property. Of course, you need to think about all of the various material options on the market. This article looks closely at two of the most popular roofing materials for residential properties.

Wooden Shingles

Wooden shingles have always been a popular material for residential properties. They have been used all over the world because wood is readily available in most regions, it is affordable, and it is stylish. You would be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't like the look of wood shingle roofs. It is also important to realize that wood shingles can look great with pretty much any home style. That is, what shingle can look just as natural on a colonial style home as it will on a mid-century craftsman. Of course, different shingle styles, colors, and wood species are going to have a different look. Basically, you need to find the product that is going to look the best on your property.

The biggest drawback to a wood shingle roof is that it won't last very long compared to other products. Wood shingles usually only last about 25 to 35 years. This is just a fraction of the time that other popular roofing materials like slate, asphalt, and ceramic tiles will last.

Asphalt Tiles

Asphalt tiles are another popular roofing product. Homeowners all over the world use asphalt tiles because they are super affordable, extremely efficient, and they last a long time. Asphalt tiles are usually glued down to a wood deck. This creates a seal that is water resistant and reliable. It is also for more water resistant then wood shingle. Some people don't love the way that asphalt tiles look. Admittedly, up close they just look like sandpaper. But, when they are installed on a roof they can create a stylish mosaic look.

Most asphalt tell roofs use tiles with varying colors. This creates a random pattern affect that is very attractive. An asphalt tile roof should last about 50 years. It is much cheaper than wood shingles, and popular for homeowners who are looking for a very affordable upgrade. There aren't many products as cost effective as asphalt tiles.


20 December 2017

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