Wooden Roofing: A Better Option Than It Sounds


Wooden roofing might not sound like a good idea at first. Wood absorbs moisture, and what about termites? Won't they just chew through the roof, causing leaks? Well... not exactly. Wooden roofs are a much better choice than you might assume, largely because they are made from cedar, a coniferous wood with some unique properties. Here's a closer look at why cedar works so well on a roof top.

Cedar oils are unappealing to insects.

Your grandmother probably had a cedar chest in which she kept her wool sweaters and linens. There was a reason this chest was made from cedar -- and it was not just because cedar was pretty. Cedar oils are naturally unappealing to insects, from the little moths that eat wool to the termites that eat other wood. Carpenter ants, roaches... they'll all avoid cedar, which is good news since you don't want these bugs chewing apart your home or entering it.

Cedar does not bow or warp.

Most woods change shape a lot as they are exposed to moisture. They absorb water, and the grain swells. Then, as the water evaporates, the grain lays down slightly "sideways," resulting in bowing and warping. A bowed or warped shingle would be bad news, since water could slide right in under it. Luckily, this is not an issue with cedar. It has a very straight grain, and it does not absorb water well. These characteristics add up to make cedar resistant to bowing or warping.

Cedar is earth-friendly.

Have you ever thought about what will happen when your shingles are no longer usable? Most asphalt shingles will end up in a landfill, and this is not the best thing for the environment. Cedar shingles, however, break down naturally. They are just wood, after all! They won't harm the planet. Additionally, cedar trees grow a lot faster than most trees, making them easy to plant and re-grow. Cedar farms tend to be good about re-planting the trees they harvest, which is good for the atmosphere.

Cedar looks natural.

Do you like a home with a natural, rustic look? Black shingles don't exactly look natural, but wood shakes certainly do. You can coordinate them with your siding, fencing, and other building materials for a cohesive look that's as appealing in the suburbs as in the country.

To learn more about these benefits of cedar roofs, talk with contractors from a company like Kerry Roofing & Masonry.


30 November 2017

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