A Basic Guide Repairing Damaged Wooden Roof Shingle


Roofing materials can get damaged in a number of ways. Small splits in wood shingles, peeling up asphalt tiles, or cracked clay tile roofs can all be small problems at first. However, in each case, the problem becomes much more severe if you leave it alone.

It is always better to fix the problem as soon as you discover it. Of course, roofing issues often get missed because you don't actually see your roof on a daily basis. But, it is a good idea to check your roof visually once or twice a year. This might mean you need to get up on a ladder to get a close look. But, if you do notice damage, what should you do? It obviously depends partly on what type of roof you have, and how big the problem is.

Damaged Wood Shingles

Wood shingles can split, crack, warp, or get dislodged over time. This can just be from exposure to the elements, falling debris, or termites. When this happens, you just want to swap out the damaged shingle immediately. This is usually easy as long as there is no actual damage to the sheathing, decking, and/or rafters. There will only be problems if these under layers have been exposed to moisture for an extended period. If it looks like any of these components are damaged too, you will want to stop and immediately call in professional roofers. They can assess and fix your problem more handily.

Replacing a shingle is easy. It can be done with just a hammer. You just need to rip the old shingle out, if it is not already deteriorated so much that it has come completely loose. You will need to hold up the shingle above it while you nail in the new shingle. You might have to place the new shingle slightly lower because the shingle above it might block your angle and make it hard to hammer down. This might be a little awkward, but it is definitely going to be better to get a new shingle in place ASAP.

Most wooden shingles only need one nail to be attached to the decking. The overlay pattern of the shingles weighs them down, and the angle of the roof keeps the bottom from peeling up. This is why roofs with gentler pitches are more likely to have problems.

The great thing about wood shingle roofs is that they are usually the easiest to repair. Contact a company like Select Exteriors for more information and assistance. 


8 November 2017

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