What You Should Know About Fiberglass Insulation For Your Attic


Once you have your roof repaired, attic insulation is a crucial step to keep a home energy efficient. Some kinds of insulation will be cheap and easy to install, while others are expensive with additional energy efficiency benefits. Fiberglass insulation has become a popular insulation for homes due to the following advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Fiberglass Insulation

When compared to competing materials, expect to pay less for that actual fiberglass insulation you end up using. The labor can be cheaper as well if you have an attic that is easy to access for those doing the work.

The fiberglass comes in large rolls that need to be trimmed to the proper size to fit within your attic. There is also loose fill fiberglass insulation if you are spraying it into an open space. The installation process only takes a couple hours for the typical home, so you do not need to be home for a large chunk of the day while workers are in your home.

Fiberglass insulation that comes in rolls will not shrink over time, but the loose fill version can settle in the attic over time. The insulation itself comes in different densities that allows you to spend more money on insulation with a higher R-Value for improved energy efficiency.

Ever had a problem with water in your attic? Know that fiberglass insulation is mildew and mold resistant, which makes it a great choice if you are concerned about people in your home with a mold sensitivity.

Disadvantages of Fiberglass Insulation

The installation process does require you to wear protective gear. If you do not already have this stuff, it can add onto the cost of a DIY installation. The small fibers of the fiberglass insulation can be inhaled accidentally or cause your skin to be irritated if it is not covered. This is why many homeowners decide to have a professional handle the whole installation for them.

Fiberglass is not as airtight as spray foam insulation. This is more likely to happen during a poor DIY installation where odd places are not properly covered in insulation, such as corners of the attic. Having a professional handle the installation for you should prevent these types of problems from happening.

If you want to add more insulation to your attic after having roof work done, reach out to a roofing company like 5 Star Roofing in your area that can handle it for you.


8 September 2017

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