4 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool Without Wearing Your Air Conditioner Out


As a homeowner, it's likely a priority for you to find ways of keeping your home cool without having to deal with high power bills. Here are a few easy things you can do to keep your house cool year-round without wearing out your HVAC system:

Install a Few Ceiling Fans

By installing ceiling fans in the main areas and bedrooms of your home, you can keep things cool day and night without having to blast your air conditioning system. While the average air conditioner draws about 3,500 watts of power each hour it's in use, a ceiling fan only uses about 60 watts — so you can also save a lot of money year-round by turning your ceiling fans on instead of the AC.

Your ceiling fans can even help reduce your heater use in the winter if they feature adjustable switches so you can change the direction that they rotate. During the summer months, you'll want to adjust the fan switches to rotate counterclockwise to maximize air movement throughout your home. During the winter, you should adjust the switches to rotate clockwise so the cold air gets mixed in with the warm and it's easier to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Have the Exterior Painted

Believe it or not, but the color of your home can have a big impact on how well it keeps heat out in the summer. Darker colors such as brown tend to absorb much of the radiant energy the sun emits, so as much as 90 percent of the sun's heat can be transferred into your home through the walls.

On the other hand, light-colored homes (think white, beige, and tan) work to reflect the sun and will absorb about 35 percent less heat than darkly painted houses. So, if your home is in need of a paint job or was built with dark natural woods, consider investing in a new, light paint job for it.

Plant Some Deciduous Trees

Planting a few new deciduous trees in your yard is a great way to increase curb appeal while optimizing the energy efficiency of your home. In fact, your new trees could increase your overall property value by up to 20 percent once they become mature. Deciduous trees have large leaves in the summer that help protect your home from the heat and harmful UV rays, which means your air conditioner doesn't have to be used as often.

When the summer season ends, these trees start to lose their leaves, which allows the heat of the sun to actually warm your home up inside when the weather is cold. Plant your new trees near windows, porches, and doors that get direct sunlight during summer days. Each tree should be planted far enough away from your house that large branches won't hang over the roof when the trees grow to full size.

Install a Cool Roof

Cool roofs are designed specifically to reflect the sun's rays and to minimize heat gain and loss throughout the year. They're made of a variety of materials, including reflective tiles, shingles, and sheet covering,s so it's easy to create a custom look and feel that complements the rest of your home's style.

An newly installed cool roof will help reduce your HVAC use and cut your energy bills each month. It will also help keep spaces like the garage that don't have air conditioning cool in the summer months. And what's more is that as a cool roof owner, you'll be responsible for helping the power plant reduce their carbon footprint. Go for a steeply sloped roof featuring a mint green hue, or opt for a flat roof that you can create your own rooftop garden on. To learn more about your roofing options, check out websites like http://www.kandrroofingandgutters.com.


18 August 2017

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