New Homeowner Tips For Spotting Roofing Leaks


One of the biggest issues you can face as a homeowner is a damaged roof. When that damage spreads, it can lead to leaks. As a new homeowner, you may have this image that a leaking roof will be easy to spot. Before you find yourself with a disaster that you don't need, there are a few things that you should know. Here are some key tips to help you understand and spot roof leaks.

They Can Be Subtle

When your roof first starts to leak, you won't likely know it. You don't usually see water stains on the ceilings until the leak has progressed significantly and caused marked deterioration in the roof. Just because you're not seeing water spots in the house doesn't mean you don't have a roof leak, so don't dismiss the risk.

They Aren't Always Easy To Find

Even when you notice water in the house, it can still be difficult for a roofer to find the source of the leak. Remember that water naturally flows to the lowest possible point, so it means backtracking from where you find the water to actually find the leak. That makes it essential that you ask for on-site estimates for roofing leaks, because it allows the roofer to do a more thorough assessment.

There Are Some Telltale Signs

If you're concerned about the condition of your roof, there are a few key signs to watch for that can indicate your risk for developing a leak. If you notice granules from your roofing shingles in the downspouts of your gutters, that's a sign that the shingles are deteriorating and at risk of leaking. The same applies if you're seeing pieces of your shingles around the perimeter of the house or in the yard. Water stains around your chimney, rust and discoloration around the flue of your furnace, and damaged wood around any skylights should also be cause for concern.

You Should Inspect Your Home Regularly For Warning Signs

Once a month or so, you should take time to inspect your house for any signs of damage. Start in the attic and look for any signs of water intrusion in the space. You should also make note of any musty odors in the attic, because that indicates that moisture has caused mold.

Then, step outside and examine your roofing shingles from the ground. Look for any indication of buckling, warping, or other deformities. That's a sure sign that there's water damage in that area. Pay particular attention to the southern and western sides of your home's roof. Those areas get the most intense sunlight, which can cause damage to asphalt shingles in particular.

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23 June 2017

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