Replace Asphalt Shingles That Were Loosened Or Damaged By A Large Tree Limb


If a large tree limb fell onto your garage's rooftop and loosened and damaged several asphalt shingles as a result, remove the limb and roofing materials that were affected by completing the steps below. Afterward, install replacement tar paper an shingles and maintain the rooftop by trimming tree branches on your property and cleaning shingles when necessary.


  • extension ladder
  • hard hat
  • work gloves
  • rope
  • chain
  • power nail puller
  • hammer (with claw)
  • thin pry bar
  • roofing detergent
  • bucket of water
  • scrub brush
  • putty knife
  • garden hose
  • tar paper
  • roofing cement
  • narrow paintbrush
  • asphalt shingles
  • galvanized roofing nails
  • cordless nailer

Remove The Limb And Damaged Shingles

Lean an extension ladder next to the garage and put on a hard hat and a pair of work gloves. Ask a friend to assist you with removing the log from the rooftop if you are unable to lift the log by yourself. Otherwise, climb the ladder and tie a piece of rope or secure a chain around the middle of the log. Pull the end of the rope or chain and drag the log to the edge of the rooftop before pulling the log from the roof's surface.

Use a power nail puller or a hammer's claw to remove nails from the corners of each shingle that is damaged. Use the tip of a pry bar to loosen the shingles from the roof.

Replace Damaged Tar Paper 

If the tar paper that is underneath the areas where damaged shingles were previously located is torn or loose, remove the pieces that were affected by rapidly moving a scrub brush or putty knife back and forth over each one. Hardened cement can be softened with soapy water. Rinse the rooftop with a strong stream of water to eliminate soapy residue or fragments of paper that remain on the roof's surface. Use a utility knife to cut new pieces of tar paper and apply a thin layer of roofing cement to the back of each piece. Press the tar paper against the rooftop.

Use Galvanized Nails To Secure Asphalt Shingles

After the cement has adhered, place an asphalt shingle directly over each piece of tar paper. Use a cordless nailer to drive galvanized roofing nails through the corners of the replacement shingles. Galvanized roofing nails have a protective zinc coating that will prevent the hardware from rusting if it is exposed to moisture for prolonged amounts of time. Call for a professional roof repair if you need help.


11 June 2017

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