Three Reasons Why You Should Only Use A Roofing Contractor Who Hires Documented Workers


Cheap labor is commonly used in the roofing trade. You get a lot of undocumented workers looking for cash work who are willing to do somewhat dangerous jobs. While that is all well and good, what happens when one of the undocumented workers gets hurt on the job? It may not be very good for you, the homeowner, that is for sure. Here are some very good reasons for hiring a roofing contractor that only employs documented workers or American citizens.

You Will Not Get Sued If Someone Gets Hurt

A roofing contractor that hires American citizens or documented workers has insurance to cover any work-related injuries. Undocumented workers are not supplied with health insurance or any sort of medical coverage whatsoever. If an undocumented worker gets hurt, he or she does have the option of suing you in civil court. That is not a risk you want to take just because you or your contractor wants to cut financial corners. Additionally, it would create some issues with your homeowner's insurance when they conduct an investigation into who was doing the work on your roof.

The Quality of Work Is Better

A licensed, bonded, and insured contractor will hire employees who have excellent work skills and ethics. The quality of work from these contractors and their documented/naturalized employees is almost always better than that of the undocumented worker. Why? Because the undocumented worker has not been sufficiently trained for the job. He or she may have done a few roofs or watched as a regular crew put a roof on a house, but attention to detail is lacking. You may find that several sections of the roof, the eaves, the gutters, etc. are sub-par when compared to the work completed by documented workers and trained American citizens.

There Is Always a Supervisor Present

Roofing contractors who hire American workers and/or documented workers always make sure there is an English-speaking supervisor present in case something goes wrong or needs to be corrected. This ensures that all of the work is completed correctly and done to the exact specifications that the contractor requires of his or her crew members. If you need to speak to someone on the work crew, it is especially important to have a supervisor around to address your concerns, rather than trying to talk to the crew who may not understand what you are saying or not understand what you are trying to convey.


24 May 2017

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