Looking For A Unique Roof? Consider Copper


Are you looking for a unique style of roof to add a final artistic touch to your home? Your neighborhood likely already has many asphalt, steel, aluminum, and even tiled roofs, so if you really want to stand out from the crowd, you'll need something else. A copper roof may be a great choice. Though popular in some older neighborhoods in Europe, copper roofs are not often seen in North America. However, they're a durable, attractive choice that can set your home apart from the rest. The answers to these FAQs abut copper roofs will help you decide whether a copper roof is an option you should explore further.

Are copper roofs hard to care for?

Not at all! In fact, they are one of the lowest maintenance roofing choices available. A copper roof will likely last for the lifetime of your home (there are some in Europe that date back to the 18th century). In that time, you will not have to spray, paint or treat the roof in any way. This is a huge advantage, since even other types of metal roofs typically require rust-proofing treatments every few decades.

Can a copper roof be installed on an oddly shaped home?

Copper is an extremely malleable metal, which means it can easily be molded into different shapes. For this reason, it is possible to make custom copper roofs for homes with irregular roofing shapes, such as multiple peaks or turrets. If you look at old dome-shaped buildings, many of them have copper roofs. This is because the material is so well-suited to these unique shapes.

Do regular roofing companies install copper roofs?

Installing a copper roof requires different skills and equipment than installing an asphalt, steel or shake roof. Thus, many typical roofing businesses do not offer copper roofs. You may have to do some research to find a company that installs copper roofs in your area. However, the good news is that since copper roofs are not very common, roofers that specialize in this material are often willing to travel a little further for your business. If you find a company a few counties over from you, don't hesitate to ask them if they're willing to drive a few hours for your house or business.

Will the copper roof turn green?

Yes, all copper eventually turns green after being exposed to the air. How long this process takes depends on the temperature and humidity levels in your area. The green look is part of the beauty of copper. If you do not like the color, you may be better off choosing a steel or aluminum roof and having it spray painted in a copper-like finish.

Copper roofs last for centuries, are incredibly weather-resistant, and require virtually no maintenance. If you're able to find a roofer who works with copper, you should strongly consider this style of roof for your unique home.


15 July 2015

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