Discoloration On A Ceiling: How Water On A Flat Roof May Have Caused It


Do the ceilings in your house look discolored? The problem may stem from water sitting on your roof and causing damage, especially if the roof is flat. Find out below how water on a flat roof may have led to damage on the inside of your home, as well as what replacing the roof will cost.

How Can Water on a Flat Roof Lead to Interior Home Damage?

When it rains, the water can remain on a flat roof for a long time unless there are functional drain outlets to prevent it. In order for a drain outlet to function, it must be free of dirt and debris to allow the smooth flow of water. Your roof may have become water damaged if you have never cleaned the drain outlet or paid someone to do it. All it takes is a climb to the top of the roof and scooping debris out of the outlets with a trowel to clean them.

What happens when the outlets are not functional is rainwater sitting on the roof. The water can take a long time to evaporate when there is not a lot of sunlight. Mold then develops and eats into the roof deck, which is likely how your ceiling became discolored. The area between the roof and ceiling may be moist and need a prompt inspection from a roofer. If you fail to get the problem inspected and treated, water bubbles can develop and you will end up with water leaking on your belongings.

Keep in mind that your flat roof is actually designed in a way that routes water to the drain outlets, as it is slightly sloped. A large pond can form at the bottom of the slope when the outlets are clogged up. You may need a new roof if there are other problems found other than the discoloration of the ceiling.

What is the Price of a New Roof?

The cost for a new roof will depend on the type you are replacing the damaged one with. You may be charged extra if the job is complex, such as if you want to get a sloped roof rather than another flat one. You are looking to spend an average of $1,700 to $120,000 for a professional to install a new roof, based on your choices. However, the price can fluctuate to a lower or higher amount depending on the size of the roof. Contact a roofer like Done Right Roofing to get repairs made to your flat roof or for a new one!  


8 April 2015

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